Red Oak Staircase

This was a remodel to a set of carpeted stairs. This being in a home-built within the last ten years, had a type of staircase where it was manufactured off site. Therefore the only way to install full red oak risers and treads was to cut the existing stair nose off with a sawzall. Once the carpet was removed and stairs and landings were prepped i began the lengthy process of making treads, risers and landings. The treads were all store-bought. The risers were bought in lengths of 3/4″ material and then cut to dimensions. The three landings in this stair case were made from one 4’x8′ piece of red oak. I took 4 – 1″x12″ pieces of red oak biscuit joined the edges and glued them together to make one piece. I know i could have just used a piece of plywood and saved time and money and that i would be the only one who would ever know that i went thru the painstaking process to make it the “real” way. That’s just not the way i do things, for better or for worse, the finished product speaks for itself. Once all of the carpentry was completed it was a process and when i say a process i mean a process to finish the stairs. Two coats of stain, and around 7-9 coats of polyurethane, depends on who you ask. It was worth all the work in the long run.

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Osha approved footwear!

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Kitchen Remodel New Countertops and Stone Backsplash


New Countertops2012-12-03_10-13-49_609Nice pink formica countertops!2012-12-03_10-14-24_7462012-12-03_10-14-44_9892012-12-03_15-34-54_7922012-12-03_15-35-28_752012-12-03_15-35-56_42


Nice pink formica countertops!2012-12-03_10-14-24_7462012-12-03_10-14-44_9892012-12-03_15-34-54_7922012-12-03_15-35-28_752012-12-03_15-35-56_42

Formica has come a long way! If you didn’t know it was a laminate product, you might mistake it for a much much more expensive granite countertop!


Cast iron sink will make one happy dish washer.

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