Kitchen Remodel New Countertops and Stone Backsplash


New Countertops2012-12-03_10-13-49_609Nice pink formica countertops!2012-12-03_10-14-24_7462012-12-03_10-14-44_9892012-12-03_15-34-54_7922012-12-03_15-35-28_752012-12-03_15-35-56_42


Nice pink formica countertops!2012-12-03_10-14-24_7462012-12-03_10-14-44_9892012-12-03_15-34-54_7922012-12-03_15-35-28_752012-12-03_15-35-56_42

Formica has come a long way! If you didn’t know it was a laminate product, you might mistake it for a much much more expensive granite countertop!


Cast iron sink will make one happy dish washer.

2012-12-03_15-36-14_6722012-12-03_15-36-28_1852012-12-03_15-37-25_451IMG_1046 IMG_1045 IMG_1044 IMG_1043 IMG_1041 IMG_1039 IMG_1038 IMG_1037

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