Closet Rehab: Expanding Storage Space in an Older Home

The surrounding suburbs of Philadelphia contain many beautiful homes, especially along the main line. Areas like Bryn mawr, Villanova, Radnor have homes that were built in the 1940’s and 1950’s that sit on lots of land, have gorgeous views and a lot of custom touches. Problem is, many of these older homes do not contain much storage to speak of. This last project I finished consisted of some custom construction and renovations in a Main Line home built in the 1950’s. Here is some before pictures of the first closet.

IMG_1787There were some built-in’s in the closet, however they were not very helpful.IMG_1788

                                      There was some duct work that needed a custom plywood enclosure.


Here are the after pictures. As you can see the small door was removed and the wall was

re-framed to accept a modern bi-fold door 48″ is much more useful of the space given.


Here  you can see the custom plywood enclosure for the duct work.

Now they have a nice clean usable space to create a new closet in.


Here is the second closet remodel. There were two rooms that shared a wall.

The room pictured below had the closet a 30″x90″ space.

                                             The adjoined room had no closet.

IMG_1790                                                                     IMG_1791

You can see some of the “built-in’s” There was a large portion of this closet that was occupied by a “cedar chest” type closet in a closet situation.    There was no lighting in this closet. Finished product. A new door was cut in and framed in the unfortunate room with no prior closet. Lighting was added to both closets. The closet was divided in half by a plywood partition wall. IMG_1801           IMG_1802           IMG_1804            IMG_1799              IMG_1800

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