Dry, Winter Air? Install a Humidifier System to Your HVAC

The winter months take a toll on your skin. Cracked, dry, moisture-less. The reason why this happens is because heating the air removes all moisture from it. So you are left feeling dried out.


Did you know that dry air is less efficient to heat, because there is no moisture content and moisture content retains heat, making the heating process more efficient. Simple, right?

With most of our winter days spent inside, the effects of this heated air are felt throughout the cold months. As soon as you turn on your heat, your home is robbed of moisture. Installing a humidifier system reintroduces moisture content into your air, making being inside tolerable.

Here’s Some Tips on Installing a Humidifier to Your Forced Air System:

1. Identify the type of heating system. Not all systems are compatible.

2. Locate a water source, an electric source and a drain source necessary for installation.

3. Shop around. Find a system that fits your budget. They tend to range from a hundred dollars to a few thousand.

4. Read the directions carefully, as you will need to cut into your duct work. Measure twice, cut once definitely applies!

5. If the task seems a bit out of your comfort zone, call a professional to install.

6. Enjoy your new quality of air!

Powder room remodel

This Conshohocken powder room was a quick and easy way for the owner to add a lot of value to his home.

The powder room was located in the refinished basement, a place where the owner hung out a ton. There wasn’t anything wrong with the bathroom, besides the aesthetics and a bit of chipped tile, so replacing the toilet, sink, adding new tile and a fresh coat of paint took this drab powder room into a really nice second bathroom.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to turn a room around. Give me a call to see how you can do the same to any room in your home!

2012-04-20_11-41-53_50 2012-04-20_11-42-07_688 2012-04-20_16-43-06_222 2012-04-20_16-43-25_421

Tile work in West Conshohocken

2012-07-24_13-26-44_905 2012-07-24_13-26-54_389 2012-07-24_13-26-58_828 2012-07-26_11-56-06_625 2012-07-26_11-56-21_137 2012-07-26_11-56-52_756 2012-07-26_11-57-04_711 IMG_0712 IMG_0713 IMG_0714 IMG_0715 IMG_0716 IMG_0730 IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_0733 IMG_0734 IMG_0735

Wyncote Bathrooms

These bathrooms were in a 180 year old house in Wyncote, Pa

IMG_0641 IMG_0640 IMG_0639 IMG_0638 IMG_0637

This bathroom was located on the second floor of the home.

IMG_0636 IMG_0635 IMG_0634 IMG_0633 IMG_0632 IMG_0631 IMG_0630

Awning refurbish

Commercial project. Awning had been neglected for years, improper flashing, bad patch jobs along the way.


Heres what we discovered when the siding and capping was removed. Rotten framing everywhere!

2012-09-24_10-33-26_966 2012-09-24_09-59-37_410 2012-09-24_09-59-30_464

The right side had a family of birds living in it. Cute but not good for your structure. 2012-09-24_09-59-18_861

The unit was in such terrible condition, it was torn down to framing. Additional framing was needed on all structural beams as well as some of the rafters. It was re decked, new roofing was installed flashed correctly.


New vinyl siding.


Tile Work

This was a entire gut and remodel bathroom.

2011-08-12_17-18-57_606 2011-08-12_17-19-08_220 2011-08-12_17-19-18_332


Finished tub surround


Customer chose a brick pattern for the floor2011-08-15_15-31-01_151



Master Bathroom Upgrade on a Budget

They say Kitchens and Bathrooms sell a house. That being said, they’re often the first two areas discussed when its time to renew your space. The project below started with a 7 year old townhouse in Conshohocken that had no visible or underlying problems to speak of. On paper, the bathroom had good bones, but no ‘WOW’ factor. The owner didn’t want to gut the space, due to cost, but knew the space needed refreshing. M.A.S. was called in and in 3 days, a fraction of the cost of a complete gut, the bathroom became a ‘WOW’ space.

Custom Cabinet

The split sink, while spacious enough, was constantly cluttered and framed with a huge and boring slab of mirror. A quick conversation about needing space quickly turned into a custom cabinet in between the two sinks. Now, clutter was no longer an issue, and the bathroom had a unique  and functional feature.

IMG_0792 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0796 IMG_0801 IMG_0803 IMG_0805

Crown Moulding & Recess Lighting 

By adding crown moulding to the space, it was instantly transformed to a polished master bathroom. Removing the previous light fixtures cleaned up the wall space and added a warm, soothing lighting to the space.

IMG_0968 IMG_0967 IMG_0966 IMG_0965 IMG_0964 IMG_0963

Custom Mirror 

The original mirror was big and unframed and just laid there. M.A.S. took the mirror off the wall above the sinks, hung it above the soaking tub and framed it beautifully. You never would be able to tell what this mirror used to look like!

IMG_0979 IMG_0980 IMG_0981 IMG_0982 IMG_0983 IMG_0984 IMG_0985 IMG_0986 IMG_0987 IMG_0988 IMG_0989 IMG_0990


A couple of Custom vanity mirrors to match and paint on both mirror and she’s done!

IMG_1047 IMG_1045 IMG_0995 IMG_1033 IMG_1049 IMG_1053 IMG_1052

Red Oak Staircase

This was a remodel to a set of carpeted stairs. This being in a home-built within the last ten years, had a type of staircase where it was manufactured off site. Therefore the only way to install full red oak risers and treads was to cut the existing stair nose off with a sawzall. Once the carpet was removed and stairs and landings were prepped i began the lengthy process of making treads, risers and landings. The treads were all store-bought. The risers were bought in lengths of 3/4″ material and then cut to dimensions. The three landings in this stair case were made from one 4’x8′ piece of red oak. I took 4 – 1″x12″ pieces of red oak biscuit joined the edges and glued them together to make one piece. I know i could have just used a piece of plywood and saved time and money and that i would be the only one who would ever know that i went thru the painstaking process to make it the “real” way. That’s just not the way i do things, for better or for worse, the finished product speaks for itself. Once all of the carpentry was completed it was a process and when i say a process i mean a process to finish the stairs. Two coats of stain, and around 7-9 coats of polyurethane, depends on who you ask. It was worth all the work in the long run.

IMG_0699IMG_06982012-07-19_15-02-52_4962012-07-19_14-06-49_542012-07-19_14-07-00_615 2012-07-19_14-07-09_665 2012-07-19_14-07-40_814 2012-07-19_17-50-27_452


Osha approved footwear!

IMG_0707 IMG_0708 IMG_0709DSC02373 DSC02374 DSC02375 DSC02376 DSC02377 DSC02378 IMG_0994 IMG_0995 IMG_1010 IMG_1012 IMG_1013 IMG_1014 IMG_1016IMG_1052 IMG_1056 IMG_1053 IMG_1054 IMG_1055 IMG_1048 IMG_1050 IMG_1051 IMG_1047

Kitchen Remodel New Countertops and Stone Backsplash


New Countertops2012-12-03_10-13-49_609Nice pink formica countertops!2012-12-03_10-14-24_7462012-12-03_10-14-44_9892012-12-03_15-34-54_7922012-12-03_15-35-28_752012-12-03_15-35-56_42


Nice pink formica countertops!2012-12-03_10-14-24_7462012-12-03_10-14-44_9892012-12-03_15-34-54_7922012-12-03_15-35-28_752012-12-03_15-35-56_42

Formica has come a long way! If you didn’t know it was a laminate product, you might mistake it for a much much more expensive granite countertop!


Cast iron sink will make one happy dish washer.

2012-12-03_15-36-14_6722012-12-03_15-36-28_1852012-12-03_15-37-25_451IMG_1046 IMG_1045 IMG_1044 IMG_1043 IMG_1041 IMG_1039 IMG_1038 IMG_1037

Bathrooms, Tile & Hardwood

M.A.S. Construction owner Mike Smith can do it all. From renovating a 30-year-old  master bathroom, to completely gutting a kitchen, to leveling a sub-floor for a beautiful hardwood floor job, M.A.S turns an ‘OK’ space into a Gorgeous one.

Master Bathroom, West  Bradford, PA



Significant water damage was present once demolition was completed. This was a result of a leaky old shower allowing water to penetrate for years.

IMG_0673IMG_0685IMG_0682IMG_0686IMG_0688IMG_0689IMG_0684IMG_0690 IMG_0683

Kitchen Remodel, West Conshohocken PA




Hardwood Floors, Pottstown PA

This floor had very serious issues to begin with. You can see the decking removed in the photo below. This was necessary because the floor has sank over 1″ in the area by the stairs. In order to correct the problem the decking was removed, the floor joists were sistered to the existing framing and then new decking was installed. The result is a beautiful LEVEL floor!