Arvada Kitchen Remodel

I began working on the home I purchased in Arvada, Colorado this January, 2014. The kitchen was a major issue – I wanted to open the space up by taking down a load baring wall, removing the plaster walls, raising the ceiling over a foot, replacing all cabinets & appliances and adding an island.

It was quite a project, but the final product looks amazing. When beginning a kitchen remodel, it’s important to remain realistic about the time it will take, the scope of the project, and the budget. I ended up purchasing RTA cabinets from Lily Ann Cabinets – amazing quality at an unbelievable price.  I did the kitchen at a fraction of the price it would have cost and I couldn’t be more pleased.

The following pictures give a visual time line of the before, during, and after.


Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovation


The first set of pictures was the initial stage in the renovation. Built in the 1950’s the kitchen needed everything replaced. It was also a tiny space, so I knew I wanted to open it up by taking out the walls that closed it off from the family/dinning room.

Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodel


After realizing the wall was supporting the ceiling, I had to carefully support the ceiling before taking out the walls. These pictures show that process-the sistering joists, the raising of the ceiling (that’s a whole other project), and taking out the kitchen walls.


Kitchen remodel



The kitchen cabinets required assembly, but we’re amazing in quality and price. Once they were assembled and hung, the kitchen just needed granite to be complete. Quite an improvement!


Kitchen cabinets

Steps for a Remodeling Project

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Want to re-do your master bathroom? Need more space and have an unfinished basement? Making the decision to remodel any room in your home or office isn’t an easy one, so preparing beforehand is key.

There are some preliminary steps to do before you start your project that will not only help you prepare, but will help the project move smoother.

1. Set a budget. You need to know what you’re comfortable spending. Sometimes you’re dream kitchen or bathroom is not within your budget.

2. Design. Come up with a preliminary plan based on you’re current living conditions, and think about how they may change in the future. You’re ideal layout may not work for you in a few years with growing kids, possible in laws etc. It is crucial that you relay any and all aspects of the way you use, and intend to use your space, so that a designer/contractor can provide a plan custom built to your needs. Explore opportunities within your project plan and budget. It may be possible to say take down a wall to provide an open concept design, and forsake a level 7 granite, to remain inside budget concerns.

3. Finishes and Finish package. It’s easy to imagine the project being done, but have you thought about the finishes

you’d like? The final touches on a project can impact scope & budget, so before getting started consider the finishes you may want. Examples of finishes are below:

  • Trim packages
  • Type of tile (man made: glass tile, ceramic, porcelain; natural stone: travertine, granite, marble)
  • Faucet style and brand
  • Hardware (kitchen knobs, exposed visible hinges)
  • Pendant lighting
  • Undermount lighting
  • Appliances (make sure they fit the space & budget)

4. Realistic time line. The scope of your project should help you formulate a project timeline. Are you taking out walls? Does the room need any demo? Are you getting a basic finish package or going all out? And always plan for unforeseen issues. More often than not, everything goes smoothly, but it’s good to pad a few days in case issues arise.

Ant questions? Feel free to contact me before your remodeling project.

Dry, Winter Air? Install a Humidifier System to Your HVAC

The winter months take a toll on your skin. Cracked, dry, moisture-less. The reason why this happens is because heating the air removes all moisture from it. So you are left feeling dried out.


Did you know that dry air is less efficient to heat, because there is no moisture content and moisture content retains heat, making the heating process more efficient. Simple, right?

With most of our winter days spent inside, the effects of this heated air are felt throughout the cold months. As soon as you turn on your heat, your home is robbed of moisture. Installing a humidifier system reintroduces moisture content into your air, making being inside tolerable.

Here’s Some Tips on Installing a Humidifier to Your Forced Air System:

1. Identify the type of heating system. Not all systems are compatible.

2. Locate a water source, an electric source and a drain source necessary for installation.

3. Shop around. Find a system that fits your budget. They tend to range from a hundred dollars to a few thousand.

4. Read the directions carefully, as you will need to cut into your duct work. Measure twice, cut once definitely applies!

5. If the task seems a bit out of your comfort zone, call a professional to install.

6. Enjoy your new quality of air!

Bathrooms, Tile & Hardwood

M.A.S. Construction owner Mike Smith can do it all. From renovating a 30-year-old  master bathroom, to completely gutting a kitchen, to leveling a sub-floor for a beautiful hardwood floor job, M.A.S turns an ‘OK’ space into a Gorgeous one.

Master Bathroom, West  Bradford, PA



Significant water damage was present once demolition was completed. This was a result of a leaky old shower allowing water to penetrate for years.

IMG_0673IMG_0685IMG_0682IMG_0686IMG_0688IMG_0689IMG_0684IMG_0690 IMG_0683

Kitchen Remodel, West Conshohocken PA




Hardwood Floors, Pottstown PA

This floor had very serious issues to begin with. You can see the decking removed in the photo below. This was necessary because the floor has sank over 1″ in the area by the stairs. In order to correct the problem the decking was removed, the floor joists were sistered to the existing framing and then new decking was installed. The result is a beautiful LEVEL floor!

Start Your Home Improvement with M.A.S.

Your house needs some work.

You want to remodel, but aren’t sure where to start.

You’re looking to sell your home, but will need to make some improvements to get the full market-value.

You just purchased a home that needs some updating.

You’re finally ready to redo that master bathroom, kitchen or basement.

You need a company that you can trust, an owner that does what he says and provides quality work at affordable prices. You need M.A.S. Construction!

Where to Begin?

Home remodeling and renovations are a serious undertaking and can seem overwhelming. Finding someone to trust, to welcome into your home, who does what they say in the timeframe they say, is important. M.A.S. Construction owner and operator, Mike Smith prides himself on an honest approach to home improvements. Bringing quality to any project he starts is a guarantee. Here are some tips, questions to ask and things to keep in mind when you first begin the home improvement process:

  1. What is your budget? Having a price-range in mind before you begin your home improvement project may dictate where you can go and the different options you can choose from. M.A.S. Construction can help walk you through these options and the price differentiation.
  2. What do you like? When you realize you want or need to remodel, you often have an idea in mind. But, more times than not, you’re not sure what you want; you just know you want something else. Doing a little research before getting started (things like tile color, size, shape or wood finish, width, etc.) will help paint the bigger picture. M.A.S. Construction can walk you through that process, describing your options in the home remodeling process.
  3. Ask Questions. It’s hard to understand all that goes into home improvements. From the idea, to the actual demolition and completion, there are many steps in between. You should ask questions during this process and make sure you understand. Mike Smith offers his expertise during and throughout the whole project and welcomes your questions.

Want more information? Contact M.A.S. Construction today!