Powder room remodel

This Conshohocken powder room was a quick and easy way for the owner to add a lot of value to his home.

The powder room was located in the refinished basement, a place where the owner hung out a ton. There wasn’t anything wrong with the bathroom, besides the aesthetics and a bit of chipped tile, so replacing the toilet, sink, adding new tile and a fresh coat of paint took this drab powder room into a really nice second bathroom.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to turn a room around. Give me a call to see how you can do the same to any room in your home!

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Tile work in West Conshohocken

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Wyncote Bathrooms

These bathrooms were in a 180 year old house in Wyncote, Pa

IMG_0641 IMG_0640 IMG_0639 IMG_0638 IMG_0637

This bathroom was located on the second floor of the home.

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Tile Work

This was a entire gut and remodel bathroom.

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Finished tub surround


Customer chose a brick pattern for the floor2011-08-15_15-31-01_151



Bathrooms, Tile & Hardwood

M.A.S. Construction owner Mike Smith can do it all. From renovating a 30-year-old  master bathroom, to completely gutting a kitchen, to leveling a sub-floor for a beautiful hardwood floor job, M.A.S turns an ‘OK’ space into a Gorgeous one.

Master Bathroom, West  Bradford, PA



Significant water damage was present once demolition was completed. This was a result of a leaky old shower allowing water to penetrate for years.

IMG_0673IMG_0685IMG_0682IMG_0686IMG_0688IMG_0689IMG_0684IMG_0690 IMG_0683

Kitchen Remodel, West Conshohocken PA




Hardwood Floors, Pottstown PA

This floor had very serious issues to begin with. You can see the decking removed in the photo below. This was necessary because the floor has sank over 1″ in the area by the stairs. In order to correct the problem the decking was removed, the floor joists were sistered to the existing framing and then new decking was installed. The result is a beautiful LEVEL floor!